Welcome to the VE3RAC Amateur Radio Repeater Information site.

The RAC repeater is available for use by anyone.  Please use it responsibly and most of all, have fun.

The RAC repeater is privately owned and supported by donation.  If you would like to donate, please use PayPal and send to PayPal ID: John@JcGilmour.ca .  Please add a note to your donation stating that is for use in supporting the RAC repeater.  Thank you! 

VE3RAC Repeater

 User Codes

Touch Tone Access (repeater up)              (81) 80 not always enabled

S Meter Read Back                                      12

Weather Radio 162.475MHz (on)               (341) 340

Weather Radio 162.55MHz (on)                 (351) 350

Repeater High Power (90W)                       (311) 310 = 1W

Touch Tone Test                                           5 plus sequence (only the digits after the 5 are read back)


Autodial (autopatch not pesently available due to phone line cost)

Autodial Up                                                    * plus phone number

Autodial Terminate                                       #

Redial Last Number or Slot                         * *

Patch Cover tone                                          * * 2

Patch Timer Extend (4 minutes)                  * * 3


UHF Remote Base Commands

Remote Base Prefix (6)                             

Receive Mode                                               61

Receive / Transmit Mode                             62

Remote Base Off                                          63

UHF Remote Base Frequency Settings

The following offset codes must follow a frequency string

Minus Repeater Split                                    1

Simplex Mode                                               2

Plus Repeater Split                                       3

Example:  turn link on and set to repeater frequency of 44(4.725MHz)

            6, 1 turns remote base on in Rx mode and reads existing frequency

            6, 4*725, 3 changes remote base frequency to 44(4.725) with a plus offset (still in Rx mode)

6, 2 enable full Rx/Tx on the frequency selected. You are now linked to the selected repeater and appear on this repeater as a regular user.

6, 3 turns remote base off

Note: Touch Tones are muted over the remote base.  To pass tones, precede the sequence with #

            CTCSS tones will not pass through the remote base audio path


TFMCS Dedicated Link (442.100)

Set TFM link to on state                               721

Set TFM link to off state                               720

Note:   If left in the on state and unused, the link will shut down within 5 minutes.

The TFM hub is currently down.  When up, there about 25 repeaters that can be connected. Some are part of the BARA system.