HP 4300 Workstation


  • A quality machine, not your consumer special
  • Pentium 4, 2.8GHz, 2MB cache processor
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM 800 MHz
  • 80GB SATA hard drive
  • CD/DVD burner & CD/DVD player
  • whisper operation (slow speed fan) liquid cooled CPU
  • comes complete with power cord, keyboard & mouse
  • Windows XP Professional (fully licensed & up to date)
  • Google Earth (explore the planet and sky)
  • Google Picasa (the perfect picture solution)
  • Google Chrome (browser)
  • Adobe Reader & Flash
  • AVG Anti-virus software

$275 NO HST!

 INCLUDES Delivery



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 HP 4300 Workstation

HP 4300 Workstaion


Allow me to purchase you a new Dell Computer

How this works:

  • I consult with you to determine your computer requirements
  • With more than two decades of experience, I will make sure you receive the best computer you can, for the budget you have in mind
  • Once we determine your needs, I will order the computer in your name (warranty requirement)
  • When the new computer arrives, I will transfer your existing files/data/email to the new machine
  • Because most new computers come with trial (pay later) software, I will remove trail product(s) and replace with fully functional and cost free application(s) that I am satisfied are quality products
  • I will make certain that your new computer is protected against virus and malware infections

Have you attempted to purchase a new computer on line and been baffled by the convoluted process?

I believe Dell manufactures computers of higher quality. Dell has also been around a long time. Compaq/HP were (now the same company) also long time players providing good quality but usually at a price premium considerably above Dell.

I have no financial interest in Dell Computers




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