Computer Repair

Support: All Windows Versions - All Google Products

In home service:

  • Rate: For as little as $50.00 I will come to your house and likely correct your problem, all for this low base rate. Who else does that?
  • Virus removal
  • Hardware replacement/upgrades
  • Back up your important files and pictures. I can store your backup files off site or I can supply you with the hardware, software and instruction to do this yourself.
  • If you are having problems with SPAM, I can set you up with a Gmail account and you can continue using your existing address SPAM free. I will assist you in migrating all your saved contacts to Gmail.
  • Document editing, scheduling, spread sheet & presentation software all included free with a Google account.

Thanks for reading

John C Gilmour

905-346-3488  or 905-964-0614 cell