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Hate being ripped of by phone companies? call me

All of North America $0.02/minute & $3.00/month!

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Computer Service/Consulting

  • Backup systems/services. Without a backup plan, it is not a matter of if, but when data loss will occur.  Don't wait for disaster to happen.  Take action now!  You will thank yourself later!

  • Learn to enjoy the world of Google: spam free mail, cloud documents/spreadsheets, presentations, free North America phone calling
  • Home or business networking

  • Virus protection / removal

  • Repairs to all makes and models including systems employing Android 

Computer Instruction (all ages)

  • If you are new to computers, just about everything you are faced with, from turning it on to browsing the Internet can seem daunting.  I will show you how to drive your computer, with the goal of getting you proficient enough to teach yourself.

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